What We Do

At Julio’s we put all our heart and soul in each repair, sale and consultation, to make sure that our customers get the service they seek and deserve. At Julio’s, we will always be ready to talk to you about bikes, so if you have any need, what ever it may be, we will be here to answer your questions.

Who We Are

We opened our store doors in Chappaqua in September of 1991 in a tiny space occupying less than 250 sq.ft. Through the years we have gained a reputation of service and quality with our customers, hard to match in the cycling industry. Bikes have been our family business for two generations: Julio opened his first bicycle shop when he was only 15 years of age in a small town in Uruguay, South America and now in Chappaqua, his children continue the so proudly owned family business.

Not Just a Bike Store

We are a “Full Service Bicycle Shop” that caters from the most simple 12inch bike for your 3 year old, to the most sophisticated high end, latest in technology bike for the competitive cyclist. You will be impressed by our stock of clothing and accessories, finding it all to satisfy your personal biking needs.


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Check out the sponsor of the month. They have great bikes coming out that we plan to have in stock soon! Ask about shipping dates and order status.

Julio Bicycle

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We carry top of the line bicycles at affordable rates and custom fit each frame just for you. Tell us your brand of choice and Julio’s will build it.

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Learn about the different bicycle rides we are hosting. We hold multiple events throughout the month.

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Julio Bicycle Team

Our knowledge and service in the bicycle industury for over 20 years has built a reputation you can trust and rely on. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise in helping you make the right desision when deciding on your next investment or purchase in a bicycle.



Known for owning the best bicycle store in Northern Westchester, Julio former Olympic Coach to the Uruguayan Cycling Team – Famous for his accomplishments and also known for his expertise in helping you with your training and finding the right bike.



Master bike tech, avid rider and RealAxiom Trainer. Willy will help fit and customize your current or new bicycle so it rides the way you need it to while on the road so you feel like a pro off and on the road.



RealAxiom training professional, Paul can answer all your questions about the perfect fit along with blending your ride with the latest technology so you ride like a pro.


No matter where you bought your bike, a great fit starts here. We love helping our customers get the right fit. If you didn’t buy your bike from us, worry not. Just bring your bike in for a complimentary review of the fit basics, so you know what changes, if any, you might want to consider. We look forward to seeing you.

Service Check Over


  • Adjust Headset Bearings
  • Adjust Brake and Gear Cable Tension
  • Lube Brake and Gear Cables
  • Adjust Brake Pads
  • Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs
  • Check Tire Pressure and Install Valve Caps
  • Check Wheel Alignment
  • Lube Chain
  • Make Sure All Components Are Tight
  • Clean Bike and Drive Train
  • True Wheels
Deluxe Overhaul


  • Check over services
  • Spot True Wheels
  • Repack Two Bearing Surfaces
  • Clean and Lubricate FW/Cassette Body
  • Clean
  • Inspect and Grease All Bearings
  • Replace all Cables and Housing
  • Detail and Clean Entire Bike





Deluxe Overhauls


Check Overs


Bike Rides


Training Sessions

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We Love To Hear From You

We love to hear from you. So feel free to drop us a line or stop in. Julios is more than happy to help you with anything bike related, from cycling to training, along with acquiring parts and accessories, to your basic maintenance needed to a bicycle that belongs to you or a family member. Perhaps you need help packing/shipping a bike for next trip etc. All emails will be answered in the order they were received. We thank you for your patience.